The Internet is Getting New dot.Endings!
Get ready for the new "gTLDs"

ICANN has approved hundreds of new domain extensions called the New gTLDs (New Generic Top Level Domains). They will appear soon and it's time to get ready to get a domain name that finally fits your business or interest. There is a (right of the dot) domain extension for everyone, for every business, for all sorts of topics, in all kinds of categories. Your content will be easier to identity. Have a peek now!

The internet is about to be transformed by the arrival of a variety of new domain endings that are found to the "right of the dot".

30+ ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT endings like: .actor .broadway .events .film .movie .music .news .photo .radio [... more]  
20+ EDUCATION suffixes like: .academy .courses .degree .mba .phd .school .schule .training .university [...more]  
20+ FOOD & DRINK extensions like: .bar .beer .cafe .eat .food .kitchen .menu .pub .restaurant .wine [... more]  
30+ GEOGRAPHIC & CULTURAL endings like: .earth .global .irish .quebec .swiss .thai .town .wales .world [... more]  
100+ IDENTITY & LIFESTYLE extensions like: .baby .cars .family .fashion .health .kids .luxury .mom .vip .wedding [... more]  
40+ BUSINESS suffixes like: .agency .career .company .farm .llc .marketing .pizza .press .solutions .ventures [... more]  
35 CITIES with endings like: .amsterdam .barcelona .berlin .boston .brussels .budapest .london .nyc .vegas [... more]  
80+ INTERESTS & HOBBIES with extensions like: .bike .cars .cricket .garden .golf .green .hockey .pets .space .wiki .yoga [... more]  
30+ MONEY & FINANCE TLD's like: .accountant .cash .cpa .gold .loans .rich .tax [... more]  
70+ VANITY & NOVELTY endings like: .best .cool .free .fun .FYI .gripe .now .social .wow .WTF .XYZ .you [... more]  
REAL ESTATE suffixes like: .apartments .condos .forsale .homes .land .mls .realty .rent [... more]  
40+ RECREATION & LEISURE like: .bingo .club .cruises .dance .fishing .games .play .tickets [... more]  
120+ SERVICES with suffixes like: attorney clinic engineer fitness florist health insurance limo repair storage works [... more]  
50+ SHOPPING endings like: .bargains .buy .cheap .coupons .deal .diamonds .toys .watch [... more]  
20+ SPORTS suffixes like: .baseball .fan .football .golf .moto .racing .sports .tennis [... more]  
40+ TECHNOLOGY endings like: .app .blog .chat .map .mobile .search .web [... more]  
600+ BRANDS like: .AARP .BMW .Chanel .Gap .IBM .Kia .Macys .NBA .Skype .Visa .Youtube [... more]  
ADULT suffixes like: .adult .porn .sex .sexy

The internet is moving beyond .com, .gov, .edu, .me, .co, .net, .ca, .tel endings. The bottom line is that .com is no longer the end of it!

The first "New Dots" launch November 2013.

What is Changing? The part of a website address that comes after the ‘dot’ in a website address, like ‘tel‘ in Soon there will be over 1,000 new endings that are NOT the [... more ...] | Home